Thursday, April 21, 2011

Less than Inspired This Week

Not sure what it is, but I am not feeling very crafty or inspired this week.

I was thinking it could be a combination of things:
1. I am not really into the Easter crafts. I don't like Peeps or jelly beans and my kids are not coloring eggs because it will be a mess and we won't eat them later.
2. My house is a mess, so before I can plan any redecorating, I need to tidy up.
3. First priority is our broken down fence in the backyard. Our backyard neighbor has a junkyard dog that scares the crap out of my kids (and me!) so no one is allowed back there until the fence is secure.
4. We have been busy every evening until I am so tired I can't keep my eyelids open.

but most of all...

5. My youngest dear child had been the crappiest napper lately. He has cut his afternoon nap down to 50 min, from 2 1/2 hours. I can't get anything done in 50 min. I'm dyin' here. (And yes he still needs the nap.)

So I thought maybe I would highlight a couple of items on my "Craft Bucket List" for you today.

I think I can handle #7, the Peasant Top from Obsessively Stitching. I just bought a top similar to this one at Target for $9. I hope I make this one soon. It will be my go-to top this summer.

And maybe even #13, the Homemade Ice Cream containers from Homemade by Jill. This one really just requires me to order the containers. I have the ice cream maker. Two, actually. Long story. But we have been making and eating homemade vanilla ice cream lately. I think we are ready to change it up with some add-ins. I am thinking brownies pieces or Peeps...HA, just kidding.
Photo from Homemade by Jill.

And yes, yes, yes, I am going to make these pants as soon as I can.

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