Monday, April 25, 2011


Hey there!
Hope you had a great weekend and a fabulous Easter. I know I did.

Did you get your free "Earth Day" coffee at Starbucks last Friday? I got two. From two different stores. Iced.

The weather this weekend was not the greatest. It was the rainiest Easter I could ever remember, actually.

But Friday evening the weather just east of here was getting some really bad thunderstorms and tornado threats. Just after getting the kids in bed I noticed that there was a bright orangey-yellow light outside. All over. Then the inside of our house had a strange yellow glow. This light was turning my house yellow. I went out to investigate.

I swear, I did not do any editing on the photos. This is really how it looked outside. A few minutes later it was less yellow but do you see those streams of clouds? That is the cold front colliding with the warm front. This was the back of the dangerous storm system as it moved east.

But seriously, doesn't it look like an alien ship should be parked in the middle of my street!? Eery sky.

This next shot is what I saw when I looked straight up over my house.
Seriously creepy.


  1. ahahah it does look like an alien ship should be landing! Love it!

  2. we had this yellow sky today in my village in the Slovakia:-)


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