Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Design To Do List

So maybe someone has noticed that I can't decide on a font or font size for my blog. And maybe someone has noticed that I am not consistent with the size of my photos. And even maybe someone has noticed that my blog is a bit empty on the sidebars. Or maybe not.

But I am working out my blog and trying to find the right look for me. So here are some things that are on my Blog Design To Do List. Because if you don't know anything else about me, you need to know I am a list person. No, make that a list junkie.

1. Consider a new header. I made the current one. Just in Photoshop. I like it, but it is pretty basic-looking.
2. I need a picture of me. We don't have any recent or flattering ones.
3. Organize my side bars. I feel like the widths are off.
4. I would like to make a button for my Craft Bucket List.
5. I also need to add a tag line in my header.
6. Figure out the body font.
7. Get a grip on my photo sizes!
8. Add a signature to my posts.

So all issues that I am aware of, and will be working out. I have done all the html editing on this blog (not like it is anything fantastic!) but I enjoy learning it.

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