Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Things

Since I have a hard time making things this week to share with you, I will share some information-things today. Confession: I plopped my 1-yr old in front of a cartoon to write this.

Thursday Things: About Me

1. I have three kids.

2. My kids crack me up. Often. Daily.
3. I had the privilege of living in Alaska for 3 yrs.

4. I didn't want to move there, but then I didn't want to leave.

5. Yes, it is cold.

6. Yes, in the summer it is light even at night time.

7. This is turning into an Alaska post. Sorry.

8. I used to have lots of time to craft and blog (and run an etsy shop)...when I had two kids. {sigh}

9. Sometimes I wonder if I do "too much", like cook, for instance.

10. I love to make and do things.
I have some cool tutorials planned. I can't wait to share them with you!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!
I will leave you with a quick salad dressing that I whip up when we have Mexican food (which is a lot!). I don't measure, I just can't screw this up!

2 parts salsa
1 part ranch dressing
sprinkle in some chili powder

Stir and done.
**(we like the Wal-Mart brand black bean and corn salsa because it is not spicy for the kids)

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