Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Apparently, Jewelry Making is Not My Strong Suit

So I thought I scored big yesterday!

Found these charms on clearance at Hobby Lobby that were just begging to become earrings. So I picked up these silver earring thing pieces (sorry, I do not know the jewelry making lingo). Wouldn't they be perfect earrings!? I thought so, too.

But the problem is...I don't do jewelry. Not a clue here. But I could really see them as earrings!

I gave it a shot. I put them together and voila!

A huge CRAFT FAIL*! The charms are facing the side (instead of the front!) ARGGH! How could I not see that coming!?


So that is my craft for today. And I did it wrong. HA!

*Actually, I just need to buy some jump rings and then the charm will be facing the right way. Oh well, guess that means another trip to Hobby Lobby....

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