Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Signature Labels for Pre-Writers

Aren't these practical...and adorably legible!

If you don't already have a dashed or dotted line font, you can get one. They are free.

The font I used is part of the "Print Clearly" font. It can be downloaded for free at dafont.com. Another one that works is called "Trace" and can be found at fontspace.com.

I used MS Word to create my labels. The path is Tools --> Labels. Now you are here:

1. Choose a font. 2. Type name. 3. Select label size. 4. Full sheet. 5. OK.

Since I didn't need a full sheet of "stellas" I deleted about half the page.

Now my pre-writer can "sign" her Valentine's and her friends' parents will know who the card is from!
Signature Stickers - 5

We use these for thank you and birthday cards as well. Enjoy!

Linked up at Today's Creative...#406 but you can barely see my picture. Tried to zoom but I don't know what I am doing yet : )

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