Monday, February 7, 2011

Owl be your Valentine!

Almost Valentine's Day and I need to give this to you. Free valentines to print out and hand out. It's not perfect, but I made it. Designed it from scratch in PSE (and I am not a graphic designer by any means). But it is free.

Click on image. Then drag and drop to your desktop or "save as" to your computer. Be sure it saves as a .jpg file. Probably want to print on light card stock.

Should I change it to say "Owl be your Valentine!" ????
Seriously, tell me. I will change it.

And I linked over at Skip to My I am way down the list- maybe around #70.

and here


  1. Cute! I just became a follower... here's my blog, hope you will follow as well.


  2. so cute! I think "Owl be your Valentine" would be great!!

  3. I hope you will link this post to my Virtual Valentine's Day Party. I bet my readers would enjoy seeing it.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you! My son is in love with birds these days and it is VERY HARD to find Valentine's that are bird related that are not girly! These are PERFECT! Can't wait for him to see when he gets home from school today. I like that it says friend. Not as mushy. And my 6 year old boy does not like mushy. LOL I am number 52 on JDaniels.

  5. WOW so cute. I am a new follower....enjoy your blog


  6. Thanks to you all! I really couldn't believe how much I enjoyed making this either. I definitely will try making more printables in the future.

    And @Steph, darn it, I never got back around to changing the owl. I even thought a different color would be nice. Next time!


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