Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pinterest and Blogging- ideas to be better at both

First, a short while back I read this post at Living Locurto and this one at Stitched Simplicity.

Really got me thinking...

Next, I discovered, after looking at my blog stats, that there were some "pins" linked to my blog with images I had used (and CLEARLY and PROPERLY sourced) from another blog.  That's when I KNEW it was time that I rethink this Pinterest thing.  Like this post, for instance.

Don't get me wrong.  I {heart} Pinterest in so many ways!  I really do.  I am not ditching Pinterest.

I have devised a "new" way to pin.  I thought I would share it with you.

Here's my new way to pin images in Pinterest:
1.  Pin from the original source.  As a courtesy, I do this.  But Pinterest does maintain the original source on repins, too.  It takes two more seconds to go to the source site.  I have the Pin It Bookmarklet installed in my web browser toolbar which makes it very easy to do this.
2.  I type the blog's name in the description of the pin.  Such as, "Awesome craft ideas from Someone Else's Awesome Blog".  A couple examples here and here and here.

Here's how I source images on my blog:
1.  Text explanation and/or reference.  Such as "Source:  Someone Else's Awesome Blog" or "I saw this awesome craft at Someone Else's Awesome Blog"
2.  Links to their blog.  Where I have typed the blog's name, I hyper-link to that blog.  
3.  Link the image.  In Blogger it is easy to link the image to a website.  I always make sure that the image links to their blog.  (vs. to my Pinterest boards or the generic Picasa Web Album that you get with Blogger)
4.  I will be more inclined to use another person's image if it is watermarked.  I will most likely opt for a text link only unless I can't avoid it.  In that case, I will ask that the image be pinned from it's original source.

Another step I am making a better effort with is watermarking my images.  If I even think it has the potential of being pinned, I am watermarking it.  

Now I *just* started doing this.  And I won't always be 100%.  But I am certainly trying my hardest to be Pinterest friendly with my blog.

I just *never* want to give the appearance that I am being careless with crediting images on my blog, pinning awesome ideas, or intentionally using someone else's awesome photo to gain pins/repins/page hits.  Because I am not.

And let me be honest here- a good portion of my blog's traffic comes from Pinterest.  Love that!  So please, pin away!  But I feel my stomach sink when I see that an image has been pinned in which I clearly stated was not mine.  I start worrying that the other blogger is going to be mad or think "why should she get traffic from my picture? I should be getting the traffic!"  And she would be right.  I am just trying to do

By the way, if you should decide you don't want any of your images pinned, you can add this code that Pinterest has provided.

I hope this is helpful or gets you thinking...
                    Have you tried any new ways to pin or credit photos on your blog?  I'd love to know.  I'm trying to stay "friendly" on both fronts- Pinterest and Blogging : )

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  1. Great tips - I love the idea of putting the blog name/link in the description. Thanks!

  2. I've noticed lately that people are putting my blog name on pins. After reading your thoughts, I really appreciate it.

  3. That's a good tip about putting the blog name. I saw a couple of my pins the other day where someone had pinned the photo and then pasted the recipe from my blog in the description. I very kindly asked them not to!

  4. watermarks is a good idea, I love it :)

    Pinterest is a great way to socialized with everyone :)
    I love Pinterest's unique interface :)

    Just in case you haven't heard. There's also another site developed for Pinterest user to submit their favorite pins, discuss and do social voting as well. You might want to check it out.

    don't forget to vote, there's a $15 Amazon Card weekly for the most votes :D
    if you are not sure about it, you can visit http://blog.pinfaves.com/

    and guess who's the winner this weeks? not me :(


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