Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter and Weekend Wrap Up

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!  We definitely DID!  Yesterday afternoon we got together with friends and had a very delicious meal!  Every year I am responsible for making this dessert called Cherry-Berries on a Cloud.   I only make this once a year for Easter because it is quite involved.  Once I get to eat a bite of it, I remember why I am asked to make this every.single.year.  It is so good that it is worth all the fuss to make it!  I promise!

Here is the recipe.  It is from Betty Crocker.  Only thing I do differently (because I am lazy) is I use a whole 8oz package of cream cheese vs. the 6oz the recipe calls for.   It is a recipe that I start making on Saturday morning for an Easter supper!

In addition to making this fabulous dessert and some other side dishes to bring to the dinner I was also busy working on my front porch area...

Friday I started laying pavers to solve my nothing-grows-here-so-my-kids-are-always-digging-up-my-front-yard problem.

It took me a while to dig the area up, a good 5-7 inches deep.  And my kids were off school so you know I got *so* much help!  They did think they were helping.  The rest of my Friday looked like this: a trip to the hardware store, a quick dinner, baseball practice, then I totally forgot that I volunteered to work the nursery at church (it worked out that no kids came...but still!  I was so embarrassed.), more paver work, quick shower, and then off to the grocery store at 9pm to do the shopping for Easter and the week.  My back is still aching from shoveling the heavy mud.  I got one side laid out and I still have to cut the pavers for the other side.

Earlier on Friday I went to yoga, finished up a little sewing...
I have been working on a few sewing projects for my daughter, Stella.  This one is a cute skort.  I will be putting a tutorial together for you real soon.  I made a couple different skorts last week!

Saturday I did our taxes  Except for the parts where I made that fabulous dessert!  Our taxes aren't hard to do.  I do them every year.  But our paperwork was a mess and I had a lot to update in our accounts before I could make much progress.  Do you do your own taxes?  Am I the only one??

Oh, then of course I had to get ready for Easter morning!  Putting candy and little toys in baskets because the kids love this on Sunday morning!

The rest of Sunday was church, finishing up food, and snapping some pictures of the kids in the backyard.  I totally wish I knew how to edit these to look awesome!

Things we didn't get done and are on my to-do list this week:  fix leaking toilet, fix leaking gutter, finish pavers, finish and file the taxes, get oil changed in van and alignment fixed, cleaning, & drop off recycling.  Not sure what I will get done with three baseball games this week for Nicholas and a gymnastics lesson for Stella.

The kids don't have school today so I am not sure what we will get into!  I really want to see if the new library is open.  Or maybe we will hang out here and they can help me split pavers!

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